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Your Privacy

Thank you for reviewing our policies regarding any personal information you may choose to provide to us by email.We take your privacy very seriously and carefully protect any and all information  ntrusted to us. We only collect information that helps us serve you better and that you voluntarily provide. We do not share your information with anyone else unless you've approved of such sharing in advance.

We collect all private information you supply to us in your e-mails, and in the contracts, and keep it confidential:

 your first and last name

 your date of birth

 your e-mail address

 your full street address, city, state, ZIP Code

Your phone and cell phone number

The cell phone number is neccessary for the captain to contact you during the rental of the boat. He belongs to the staff is will treat the numebr confidential.

Supplying us with your e-mail and postal addresses - and do not specify otherwise - you may receive periodic messages from us with information on our latest new, changes of services etc..which might be useful for future rentals for you.

Please send us an e-mail or call if you decide that you no longer wish to receive such messages.
To ensure we will be able to identify you  (many names are similar), please be sure to include your full name/middle name and address and all e-mail addresses that may be associated with your record. This helps us accurately locate your information in our file. Such information will only be used to comply with your request.

We do use your data fort he contracts made and for infirming you about news as before mentioned only. Cape Escape Boat Rental, LLC does not sell any data to anyone. Insurances may ask for personal data in case of an insurance case and the autorities might ask for information about your contract for audit reasons. These are the only cases we supply the data and still markt hem as strictly confidential and inform insurances and authorities the data may only be used for internal reasons, i.e. insurance case or audits.

We always keep your data confidential as your privacy is very important to us.